Jordan Davis Foundation, Inc.

RONDAVISSlide5The Jordan Davis Foundation was started by Jordan Davis’ dad, Ron Davis, to provide education and travel opportunities for youth across the nation.

Mission: The Jordan Davis Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide financial assistance for the youth of our nation to nurture their curiosity with exposure to cultural initiatives through travel and education.

Vision: The Jordan Davis Foundation strives to increase academic achievement and self esteem through life opportunities. Our organization will give students an opportunity to explore our world outside the classroom and attend cultural events with educational tours that actively engage our youth.

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  • Ron & Lucy,
    As a mom of a 17 year old boy, I can’t imagine the pain and loss the two of you have suffered. Watching the documentary on your beautiful little boy was simply gut wrenching. I just wanted to express my sincere sympathy to your families. The two of you have carried yourselves with such grace; it was amazing to see…I don’t know that I could have done that. My prayer is that God is continually reminding you of his love for you and Jordan and that His peace and presence in your lives is some comfort to you.
    God bless you both as you continue to keep Jordan’s memory alive. I’m sure this time of year is so incredibly painful for you…May God’s grace be with you.
    In His Name,

  • An eloquent and personal account of a heinous crime . A transgression occurring so frequently that we hardly turn our denying head towards the nightly newscaster.
    I am embarrassed, no, ashamed for our behavior. Ashamed in front of whom ? I am not a godly person. I guess I am embarrassed before nature, the collective consciousness that powered Jordon’s ‘bump’ of affirmation.

  • I just watched your son’s touching story on 20/20 on the OWN network.
    My sympathies and my utmost respect to you for continuing to speak up in Jordan’s memory. My precious grandson is biracial–I worry about the future and pray that we can keep ALL of our children safe.
    Sending thoughts and prayers to you both.

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