If you would prefer to send a check, you can send it to:

Community First Credit Union, Account #:1077115
11701 San Jose Blvd. #22, Jacksonville, FL 32223
Payable to the: Jordan Davis Foundation, Inc.

Contributions are tax deductible.
501 (c) (3) I.D. # 46 – 3234441

2 Responses to “Donate

  • Mr.Davis I am a father of 2 young men. I am so sorry for the loss of your son. I have been trying to lend my voice to what I feel is America’s Cancer, Racism! I spoke to the murder of Emmitt Till, and Trayvon Martin in my book ” The Ugly Color of Race in America.” I am not trying to make any money, I am more interested in eradicating racism and the murder of our boys and young men. I will make a donation to your foundation and I volunteering my sservices to you.

    Dr. Booker T Williams
    Daytona Beach, FL
    786 202 0757

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